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Film Scanner
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Film Scanner

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Film Scanner
Film Scanner Film Scanner Film Scanner Film Scanner Film Scanner Film Scanner

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Film Scanner Film Scanner Film Scanner Film Scanner Film Scanner Film Scanner

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Have any old 35mm films or slides? 

Here's the perfect device to help you easily organize and externalize them. This scanner sports a powerful 10-megapixel sensor that reads every detail contained in your films and slides. You can choose between the standard 14-megapixel scan, or enable  the built-in software interpolation, which applies some image magic and ups the quality to an astonishing 22 megapixels. At the touch of a button, the DIGITNOW! image digitizer will scan and convert your old memories into sharp, vibrant digital images in JPEG format. These can then be viewed on your computer or other device, or printed out as regular photos. With our film and slide scanner, all you need to convert your images are included in the box. There is no need for a computer connection to operate the DIGITNOW! scanner. It scans, and converts images on its own, making it a very portable, accessible solution for digitizing films and slides. Scanning is also very easy and straightforward. Simply load the film or slide onto the negatives or positives holder, respectively. Follow the included instructions to slide the holder into place, and press the "Scan" button when ready. Snap! Your image has been converted and saved to the internal memory or an optional SD card. Once scanning is complete, the built-in 2.4-inch color LCD screen will display your digitized image. A clever piece of software allows you to flip the scanned image around by pressing a few buttons. This helps compensate for user error during scanning, and also adds some flexibility with image conversion. In addition, you can also adjust scanning resolution, brightness and coloration in the easy-to-navigate Capture menu. 

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